Elsa Peretti™ Bone Cuff Instructions

An icon since its introduction over 50 years ago, the Bone cuff was inspired by the designer’s childhood visits to a Capuchin crypt in Rome and Antoni Gaudí’s Casa Milà in Barcelona. Peretti intentionally sculpted the cuff to follow the anatomy of the wrist, allowing the jewellery to become one with the body. 


How to Wear Your Elsa Peretti™ Bone Cuff

Step 1

Each Elsa Peretti™ Bone cuff is crafted specifically for one wrist: either the left or the right. To put yours on correctly, first, locate the deep curve on one end of the cuff.


Model uses Bone cuff for the right wrist below.

Step 2

Move the cuff if needed so that the deep curve is at the top. 

Step 3

Locate the bump on one side of the cuff. When worn, the bump should align with the bone on the outside of your wrist. 

Step 4

Identify which wrist the cuff should be worn on. When facing you, if the bump is on the right side, the cuff should be worn on the right wrist. If the bump is on the left side, the cuff should be worn on the left wrist. 

Step 5

With the deep curve placed closest to the hand, turn your wrist sideways and use your other hand to slide the cuff onto your wrist. 

Step 6

Rotate the cuff so it sits flush on top of your wrist. The bump on the cuff should sit over your wrist bone. 

A Note on Motif Variations

The Bone cuff is available in three design motifs: small, medium and large. 

The steps above apply to all motifs. However, for the large cuff, the split should face away from the hand.

At Your Service

If you require further assistance with an Elsa Peretti™ Bone cuff or would like to explore more designs, please reach out to a Tiffany Client Advisor.